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Preston James

The Small Account Mastery Series Rocks!

“I had a friend that has been with you many years (Dave Martin) sign me up for your SAMS account as I was reluctant to try another options trading site. I started the series with $12,500 on June 4th in my account and by following what I learned in the weekly "meetings" I grew that account to $21,000+ on Aug 13th. ”

“I have just signed up for the WOW account and look forward to learning more strategies, along with the thought process. This SAMS series taught me that everything I learned on other sites has "steered" me wrong. I am grateful Dave convinced me to give it another try!”

I am currently trying to convert my nephew who is with another site. I wish your SAMS account was more than once a year so that I could sign him up for it!

Thank you for not forgetting the "little guy" and helping us through it.

-- Billie Jo Meras

“I just finished the Small Account Mastery Series. Thanks Preston, Mike, and crew: I had a blast my account now has $3,500 more dollars in it and I learned a ton as well.”

“Please let me know how I should proceed to pay the remaining balance on the honor system. Thanks, Cody.”

-- Cody Hughes • Tampa, FL

“Preston, I wanted you to know that I’ve enjoyed the Small Account Mastery Series that just completed. I was skeptical even after the first few weeks, but watching your techniques in action live and trading alongside you has boosted my confidence (and my account). I’ve joined the Weekly Windfall Insider so I can continue to learn. Thanks for all you’ve done.”

-- Ed Meirink • Boulder, CO

“Preston, your Thursday Small Account Mastery class webinars are kick ass. I’ve made more money in the past 2 months with you than I had the previous 10 months. And I'm learning a bunch.

I like your no-nonsense style as well. Good fraggin' stuff, that. Keep kickin' it where it counts!”

-- Chuck K. • Laingsburg, MI

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The Small Account Mastery 10-Week Series $597.00

NOTE: If you would prefer to order by phone, please call: 801-733-4190. Our staff is extremely friendly and would love to take care of you.

Each weekly S.A.M.S. presentation will be recorded and made available in case you have a conflict and can't attend it live. This makes it so you can still follow along with the S.A.M.S. outline including the live trades made along the way!