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I started doing the good old Windfall Friday and for two or three weeks they have worked out. I wish you could see the smile on my face! I have never had this much $ in my possession. If I know you, which I think I do, you are really happy for me also. That is just the kind of guy you are.

- Larry Hughes, WOW Member, WA

The coaching has been amazing, and I have learned absolutely killing strategies that I would probably had never learned if it wasn't for you and your team of experts. Trading your way simply KICKS ASS...

I have been able to log net gains (after commissions) of about $56k in all my accounts combined. If I do the math right, that's more than double what I started with. THIS IS ONLY DOING MONEY PRESS TRADES along with some of the one shot trades (buying plain calls) from your WOW website.

You're simply a genius and a great person.....I would love to meet you in person one of these days.

- Ricardo Trujillo, WOW Member, MD